It started with 9/11 (part 2)

As I wrote in my last post on this blog, 9/11 had been a traumatic event for me, and that strangely enough, in spite of not even being an American.
However, after the American invasion of Afghanistan I went on with my life as before, pretty much oblivious to anything outside my own small corner of the world. Well, at least for while I did.
There was not the slightest bit of compassion in me for those far away people in a far away country, whose culture I didn’t understand, much less see it in any way as worthwhile. If I thought about them at all, I kind of told myself that they were probably far better off after the invasion without that crazy Taliban government.
I had, of course, not the slightest inkling, that these “crazy” Taliban wouldn’t have come to power in the first place, if America or rather the CIA hadn’t supported them, just as the CIA (in the guise of Pakistani intelligence) had once supported binLaden,the Saudi bogey-man himself, whose face was now plastered over every news program. He,and his mujaheddin were once fighting the Soviets having been armed and financed by the CIA to give the Russians”their Vietnam”. That’s what a guy called Brzezinski had stated, who happened to have been Jimmy Carter’s National Security advisor, at the time.
And like most everybody else I had no idea then that between September 10 and 12 of 2001 scary binLaden had been in a hospital in Pakistan getting kidney dialysis. And most likely he was still CIA-supported then, as he had subsequently in October 2001 a meeting with the CIA head of station at the American Hospital in Dubaiprobably being briefed on whatever sick game they were playing at the moment. Of course, I also didn’t know about all those other tiny little details, which if taken together with the giant show of three buildings collapsing in practically free-fall speed, were absolute proof positive that something was definitely wrong with the official American government story of 9/11.
I’d seen the free-fall collapse with my own eyes, and many, many times for that matter, and still I was blind.
But then came the run-up to the second Iraq-war and some people started to ask questions. At the same time, for me at least, came the internet revolution and there I could read those questions, which I never would have asked myself, because of my deep trust in the world as it was presented to me by teachers, politicians and the media.
This time around it wasn’t the lie about incubator babies that was used as a reason for war against Iraq, but the WMD deception, and besides that it was pointed out, that Saddam was the devil in person, and on top of it the next Adolf Hitler as well.
While most media during that time, even in Europe, was more or less pro-war, there still were a few papers and magazines and even a few more politicians who were opposed to it.
This small pro-peace sentiment in a few “opinion leaders” somehow gave the population -including little me- the permission to be anti-war as well. And so we were, little folks, anti-war I mean. Outside the UK and apart from Eastern Europe, which seem reflexively pro- everything American, be it war or whatever else the America government proposes, the European people were between 80% and 90% opposed to the war, and that in spite of so much pro-war propaganda. Astonishingly enough the majority of people did not follow the majority of the media opinions.
That’s rather interesting, because it means that in case of war you need pretty much the whole media and political establishment blow into the same pro-war horn to get everybody else on board. People just don’t want war, at least not in Europe.
What surprised me however, was the enormous pro-war majority in the internet discussion groups, where I went to. It was as if all the war-mongers met online, while most everybody else stayed offline.
And then I realized that the war-mongers weren’t European at all, they were Americans pretending to be, some actually admitted to that.
Here we had an American invasion of European internet discussions, trying to form European opinion by making the vast majority feel as if they were a tiny crazed out minority who supported a mass-murdering dictator.
The internet invasion did not change European opinion either, and so millions took to the streets to protest in hope of being heard and somehow prevent the war.
To no avail, of course, America didn’t listen to a bunch of pathetic Europeans. But worse than that not even all of the European governments, including the Icelandic one, listened to the 90% majority of their own people. Instead they got their countries militarily or at least morally involved in the war on the list of the “Coalition of the Willing”.
It made us realize, how little power the people in our so-called democracies really have. The obvious will of the people expressed either in opinion polls or mass-demonstrations in the important issue of war or peace has no influence whatsoever on government policies. I remember how frustrating that was.
And I decided that if Americans could invade our space, why shouldn’t I invade theirs. So I went to American discussion groups, trying to convince them of the merits of peace, as well to no avail of course. But it did improve my English though and eventually it led me to more outlandish places where in time eventually the whole 9/11 paradigm was questioned and many, many other theories I had taken so utterly for granted: “Overpopulation”, “Peak Oil” and other resource depletion theories, “Global Warming”, the “Good War” myth about WWII on the side of the allies.
In every case there are alternative narratives and theories, which often times have much more logic and evidence behind them. In time I was ready to question absolutely everything.
However, as I said before, it were the questions surrounding 9/11 which actually pushed me on my future path. And it wasn’t the alternative media but the German mainstream magazine “der Spiegel”,that brought on those first questions.
In its online edition it published a series of articles in which American militarism was questioned, like the enormous stock-piles of all kinds of weapons and the very idea that American armies and American based private security companies should become the “world cop”. The end of the series featured an article dealing with the declassified files of the “Operation Northwoods” a series of false flag proposals the top American military brass send in 1962 to the Kennedy administration. Those attacks against both civilians and American military installations were intended to justify a second invasion of Cuba to the American public,an invasion that would have risked a WWIII scenario with the Soviets. President Kennedy rejected the plans then, but the journalist writing the article posed the question to his readers: “What would have happened if a less ethical minded president had been at the helm of state at the time?”
Within a few weeks “derSpiegel” had back-pedaled on everything they had written before. It became a co-production with the New York Times, and in its following articles called everyone who questioned the official 9/11 story crazy, diagnosing them straight into the psych-ward.
But sorry, too late, the deed was done and I wasn’t the only one whose eyes and mind had been opened to a scary reality.
And little Eve-Alice was tumbling down the rabbit hole fast, really, really fast. The ground had been taken under her feet and like Neo woken up from the Matrix she felt excruciatingly sick.
And so she decided to look for a ledge in this bottomless hole, a secure place to stand on.
And what this ledge is for me I’m gonna tell you next time…..


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