Is Putin equally immoral and dangerous as Obama?

In his newest video James Corbett (from Corbett theorizes that the idea that we either have to choose Obama or Putin is a false paradigm and that we should choose neither, since both sides are after nothing but power and control
I agree with him in most respects, power concentration in every form and in every part of the world are inherently dangerous for humanity.

But I still think that this time he is wrong about Putin in several ways:
In my opinion and in all likelihood Putin did not order or was in any way involved in the Russian apartment block bombings.

The person who most promoted the story that Putin was involved or did know about the involvement of Russian intelligence agents in those bombings was the late Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, probably one of the most evil men on the planet. Berezovsky himself was practically the godfather of the Chechen Mafia, a Mafia involved in most of the drug-running operations in Russia.

And as James Corbett together with Sibel Edmonds have documented well these drug-runners and fascist ultra-nationalists (like those Neo-Nazis in Ukraine now) were always part of NATO’s Gladio operation. Later on with Islamist leanings NATO switched from racist nationalists to Islamist hate-mongers in their Gladio B plan.

We know that the Berezosky connected Chechen Mafia was also involved in the murder of the Russian journalist Politkovskaya.
Yes, there were apperantly also intelligence agents involved in that murder too, but one has to remember that under the Yeltsin presidency the billionaire oligarachs -who practically were Mafia bosses- also owned all the state institutions. I have no doubt whatsoever that Berezovski and his ilk have still plenty of their own agents within any state organizations.

My guess is, of course I could be wrong, that the Moskau bombings were done not to stabilize Putin’s power but to destabilize it, making him look incompetent and incapable of protecting the Russian people. For as soon as Putin came to power he went after the oligarchs.

He succeeded in jailing some, driving others like Berezovsky into exile and stopped the rest from looting more of the economy.
One has also to remember that those exiled oligarchs like Berezovsky went to London to make it more than clear that the Russian oligarchs are indeed nothing else but agents of the Anglo-American bankster elites.
Putin had no reason for the bombings. The war against Chechnya had already started under Yeltsin and Chechnyan seperatists were already guilty of plenty of terrorist attacks. Putin needed no extra pretenses for his war.

As for the journalist murders we know with certainty that Berezovsky murdered those who looked into his many “businesses”, other oligarchs might have had similar sentiments.
There are plenty of anti-Putin news outlets in Russia (mostly owned by the billionaires who hate Putin). It doesn’t bother him too much. He still has the majority support of Russians.

Putin most certainly is not without very serious sins and as a former spy chief has probably lots of real sceletons in his closet.The war against Chechnya itself contained untold unforgivable war-crimes against civilians. But I’m quite convinced that there are crimes he did not and would not commit.
I believe that painting him as pulling off a false-flag mass-murder against his own people is one more western propaganda stunt done with the help of western bankster agent and himself mass-murderer Boris Berezovsky.

I truly believe that all centralized power-structures should eventually be abolished.
But at the moment I think, if Russia is destroyed and balcanized as NATO plans to do, and China then has no choice but being totally subservient to the western power-elites with the American military and intelligence agencies acting as their brutal enforcers,this will truly be a catastrophe for all of humanity.
I’m really scared that a confrontation with Russia and China might lead to WWIII. But there is still the possibility for a standoff in a Cold instead of a Hot (Nuclear) War. We survived one Cold War, we might survive the next one too.
But I’m even more scared of the Western elite gaining a total unchallenged power over the whole world. With this total power in their hands then those very elites will start with their real agenda.They will cull humanity by two thirds or even by 90% and start to implement their transhumanist plans for a “posthuman” world.
Those people are truly man-hating psychopaths

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