The Pyramid of Power

Excerpt from
“When Hope Came – A Time-Travel Story”

Hope shook her head and looked questioning at her great-uncle: “I don’t understand, what time?”
“In time,” the Professor answered, “the world of the stone age people would change completely and then it would look more like this:
With a single key-stroke all the equations and graphs on the Professor’s wall had disappeared and were replaced by the over-sized image of a painting, headed by the title ‘The Pyramid of Power’.
“But that’s not really a pyramid,” Hope commented
“No, not really,” the Professor agreed
“Did you make that image?” Hope asked
The Professor shook his head: “An artist did it more than 200 years ago.”
Hope sighed with relief, since she could utter her opinion without reservations now: “It is really ugly.”
The Professor smiled and added: “But it’s still quite interesting, isn’t it?
Hope had to agree, the image was somehow fascinating in all its ugliness:
pyramid of power
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