We all live in Dark Ages right now

dark agesMany people believe the medieval times before the year 1000 A.D. to have been some kind of ‘Dark Ages’. Those centuries are maligned as times of regression in which the progress in science and philosophy developed during the Greek and Roman ages had been lost or at least had been repressed.
I happen to disagree and so does Jamie Frater from Listverse in his article:
Top 10 Reason The Dark Ages Were Not Dark
While the printing press had not yet been invented for another 500 years, there still existed centers of learning, located often within monasteries, where the knowledge of older times were preserved, copied and new research in many areas was done. The first universities were founded in those times.
Advances were made in areas of architecture, mathematics,literature, art, music and the law, building the foundation for all of what we know today in these areas.
Sure, from our perspective there was also a lot of backwardness and superstition, but there is one more thing those high Middle Ages had in their favor:
Those centuries before the year 1000 A.D. were actually more peaceful than any of the later ones. In spite of the occasional local fights and disputes, the feudal power system and the wealth disparity between the aristocracy and the common man, there still were more peace, justice and prosperity for the average person to be had than there were in the following centuries. And far fewer lives were lost to war than in all the times following the high Middle Ages.
The probably worst and bloodiest century concerning warfare was our last one, the 20. century. During those one hundred years more people have been killed through acts of collective violence than in any other time before it.
And the 21.century is quite obviously prolonging that trend. New wars are being fought in the name of “fighting terrorism”.
Those wars are overtly fought by armies, navies and air forces, but covertly they are created by intelligence agencies financing and arming the very same ideological rebel groups the official armies are pretending to fight. All this is done to inflict chaos and destruction in country after country or facilitate coupes to replace a government that’s not compliant enough to the Western centers of power with one that is.
In spite of all our technological advances and individual prosperity, the darkness around humanity seems to increase at the moment bringing violence, injustice, deception and more and more war.
The newest one in preparation is a war against all of humanity:
Transhumanism, a war to destroy and displace the human race.
And for the time being there have been far too many young people so severely brain-washed, that they actually believe that such a replacement of humanity would be ‘cool’
Oh yes, we do indeed live in extremely dark ages.

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