1980s Movies that shaped our humanity

This is an interesting video by Pop-Culture-Detective, a youtuber whose work I really enjoy and recommend:

And here are a few of my own thoughts about the video and how times in my opinion have changed since the 1980s:

I agree fully with this list of decent 1980 movies. They indeed show solidarity, empathy and the triumph of non-violence.
Sadly there are fewer and fewer movies nowadays doing that. Our western culture has become ever more violent and hate-filled, and most of all arrogant.
Most movies nowadays portray the necessity of violence to solve conflicts, compassion towards people from a declared enemy society is practically non-existent. Hate-mongering triumphs, even within our own society, empathy with the political opponent is scorned. The other side is always the enemy who must be hated: left-wing against right-wing, liberals against conservatives, conspiracy theorists against believers in the official narratives, feminists against men’s rights activists, Christians against Muslims, religious people against atheists, and talking to those on the other side is a big NO-NO, because we need to be divided and hate-filled, and that’s only within our own society.

Towards the outside after destroying Iraq and Libya and with our proxy army of ‘moderate’ terrorists Syria as well, we are now constantly being prepared for even more war, war with North Korea or war with Iran. And this saddens me a lot, to make these people suffer again because of our western arrogance and in ability to accept different cultures and different economic models.
But maybe even a nuclear war with Russia or China might be in preparation and that scares me out of my wits.
Why would they do something so crazy?
The main reason is probably that the American Dollar is losing its status as the world’s reserve currency and so the rest of the world will eventually no longer fund American military expenditures and the unipolar world could then finally become a thing of the past. However it seems that the American financial, military and corporate establishment and their fellow elitists in other western countries will do everything to prevent their loss of power, even at the cost of destroying the whole world in the process.

Nuclear weapons are a danger to humanity, but there might be other similar destructive means, like biological weapons for instance. There is actually research going on to target particular ethnic groups with such weapons to make them “more usable”, just like smaller nuclear weapons are being developed to make them “more usable”

We are being indoctrinated with enemy images towards hatred and with a belief in violence as the only solution. And at the same time our culture ist destroying and demonizing all solidarity systems like labor unions, families, churches and mosques.
Hollywood-Buddhism is pushed because its an isolating religion with the purpose of individual enlightenment without the need for solidarity and a stoic emotionless balance without the need for much empathy or compassion with one’s fellow human beings. Isolated from one another we can be more easily controlled towards ends which are exclusively in the interests of a bunch of really powerful psychopaths.

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