Go Home America!

The World Wants To Be Free And Live In Peace!
stop ramstein
When Trump was voted into office I actually was cheering, while everybody around me here in Europe was shocked.
Our media told us to be shocked and barely anybody listened to Trump’s speeches in the original.
But I did.
It’s not the ‘We will build a wall’ (and make the Mexicans pay for it) that I was too impressed with, of course. After all, some 17 years ago we here in Germany did tear down a wall. And not for the building but for that tearing down everybody was cheering over here.
No, what impressed me, was the promises Trump made to bring American troops home, close down military bases and stop interfering in other people’s countries.
Oh, and yes, he even actually promised to make an effort to get along with Russia, which would have meant WWIII was no longer on the menu for a while, as it had been with Hillary.

He kept none of his promises, except maybe ‘the wall’.
Sure, the problem with getting along with Russia is, that Trump’s being called a Russian agent or something like that by some sour-faced-bad-loser Hillary supporters and their fake-news-empire. That’s why he can’t try to get along or otherwise, he will get impeached.
But still, I personally think, if he would have had any kind of balls, he wouldn’t have surrendered so easily.
Trump sounded strong in his campaign speeches, however, in reality, he is nothing but a small-minded coward.
He is nothing at all like John F. Kennedy, the only decent human being ever becoming American president in the last 150 years.
Kennedy didn’t surrender his integrity and his concern for his people. He was ready to put his life at stake for that.

Trump, however, has now bowed down to every single fake-news-organization he had so often denounced in his campaign.
He had promised to drain the swamp of Washington, instead, he filled it with even more Goldman-Sachs crocodiles.
He had promised to make the Saudis pay for their role in 9/11. Instead, he danced with them so he could sell them lots of weapons, which the Saudis, in turn, are using to arm more terrorists and go on with their genocidal war bombing and starving out the people of Yemen, the poorest in the world. And when the Saudi bombers are running out of fuel in midair, Trump’s airforce is happy to refuel them so they can go on to drop their bombs on another school or hospital.
He had promised to close many military bases. Instead, he sends more troops.
He had promised to stop foreign interventions. But instead of withdrawing from Syria, he bombs it several times on flimsy pretenses, (everybody knows those were lies, even his own people), and occupies the eastern half of the country with his Kurdish proxy forces plus tons of US military ‘advisors’.
He had promised to stop funding and arming those AlQaeda and ISIS rebels, but instead, he goes on being their airforce and transport-organization in Syria.

He has now withdrawn from the Iran deal as big favor to his beloved Israel, well that’s something he actually had promised before the elections.
(When he held that AIPAC speech, basically kneeling down in supplication in front of their throne, I had thought, that’s just something every candidate and politician has to do to get elected. I never would have dreamt, that he actually had meant every single of these gut-cringing words and would be ready to literally lead the world to Armageddon for the sake of the Zionist state)
And then he bullies and tries to blackmail the rest of the world to follow suit.
He starts a trade-war on Europe, I guess, that’s trying to keep the small promise of ‘America First’. Maybe the tariffs on imports will indeed help the American economy, more power to them if I care.

But on the other hand, why for goodness sake should we, the rest of the world, accommodate American, and by extension Israeli, interests at the expense of our own economies, and on top of it, at the expense of our decency and integrity?
Why should we even accept or trade in Dollars, when we know very well that America is more in debt than any other nation in the world?
Why, for the sake of Adam Smith, should we trade with somebody who doesn’t give us anything of value back?

The crux of the matter is, that we Europeans, as well as many Asians, have ourselves financed the enormous military apparatus by which the American Empire can now bully us and the rest of the world into submission.
Where do you think, the 21 Trillion $$ which have disappeared into the Pentagon without a trace, have actually come from?
Certainly not come from the hyper-indebted American economy, no, they come from us, the rest of the world.

But more and more people, here in the rest of the world realize, that we just don’t want this Pax Americana anymore, because we realize, that most of all, it will never be any kind of Pax, any kind of peace, only endless war, endless bloodshed, endless brutality and oppression for millions and millions of people.

Dear Americans, if you want to come and visit our countries and tourists to experience the beauty of the world in places you haven’t destroyed in wars so recently and if you behave like guests and respect our cultures and our people, then you are welcome.

For anything else:
Go home, Americans! Go back to your own country! Leave the world in peace!

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