1980s Movies that shaped our humanity

This is an interesting video by Pop-Culture-Detective, a youtuber whose work I really enjoy and recommend:

And here are a few of my own thoughts about the video and how times in my opinion have changed since the 1980s:

I agree fully with this list of decent 1980 movies. They indeed show solidarity, empathy and the triumph of non-violence.
Sadly there are fewer and fewer movies nowadays doing that. Our western culture has become ever more violent and hate-filled, and most of all arrogant.
Most movies nowadays portray the necessity of violence to solve conflicts, compassion towards people from a declared enemy society is practically non-existent. Hate-mongering triumphs, even within our own society, empathy with the political opponent is scorned. The other side is always the enemy who must be hated: left-wing against right-wing, liberals against conservatives, conspiracy theorists against believers in the official narratives, feminists against men’s rights activists, Christians against Muslims, religious people against atheists, and talking to those on the other side is a big NO-NO, because we need to be divided and hate-filled, and that’s only within our own society.

Towards the outside after destroying Iraq and Libya and with our proxy army of ‘moderate’ terrorists Syria as well, we are now constantly being prepared for even more war, war with North Korea or war with Iran. And this saddens me a lot, to make these people suffer again because of our western arrogance and in ability to accept different cultures and different economic models.
But maybe even a nuclear war with Russia or China might be in preparation and that scares me out of my wits.
Why would they do something so crazy?
The main reason is probably that the American Dollar is losing its status as the world’s reserve currency and so the rest of the world will eventually no longer fund American military expenditures and the unipolar world could then finally become a thing of the past. However it seems that the American financial, military and corporate establishment and their fellow elitists in other western countries will do everything to prevent their loss of power, even at the cost of destroying the whole world in the process.

Nuclear weapons are a danger to humanity, but there might be other similar destructive means, like biological weapons for instance. There is actually research going on to target particular ethnic groups with such weapons to make them “more usable”, just like smaller nuclear weapons are being developed to make them “more usable”

We are being indoctrinated with enemy images towards hatred and with a belief in violence as the only solution. And at the same time our culture ist destroying and demonizing all solidarity systems like labor unions, families, churches and mosques.
Hollywood-Buddhism is pushed because its an isolating religion with the purpose of individual enlightenment without the need for solidarity and a stoic emotionless balance without the need for much empathy or compassion with one’s fellow human beings. Isolated from one another we can be more easily controlled towards ends which are exclusively in the interests of a bunch of really powerful psychopaths.


My Comment to Thoughty2

A couple of days ago I watched a youtube video from a channel I’m subscribed to named Thoughty 2
thoughty2The owner of the channel, a 25 year old British man, says that he has always loved random facts and bits and pieces of information and so he tries “to he answers questions about life, the universe and everything” for his fans.
I liked his videos for the interesting presentation and the subtle humor and the largely humanistic values.
However recently Thoughty2 has gone into some historic-political content, thoughtlessly repeating all the mainstream bias, making occasionally a small gibe against “conspiracy theorists”. When he then compared Putin directly with Hitler opposed to Churchill who he saw as a man of emotional intelligence and deep empathy with his people (the thumbnail being Putin and Trump half naked sitting on the same horse) I felt I had to answer him in a comment.
The video already has got 165.000 views and thousands of comments, so I rather doubt thoughty will read or consider mine at all, still one has to try.
So here is the comment I sent to him:

Dear Thoughty2,
Normally I do like your videos, have been subscribed to your channel for quite a while. I also have noticed that you do occasionally have quite a few left-wing and compassionate views towards the less fortunate people, and that in general you didn’t have the attitude of a war-monger.
I also realize that in order to make a living on youtube you cannot post views the main-stream consensus might consider “controversial”. However comparing Putin to Hitler, while being totally uncritical on Winston Churchill, you definitely have moved yourself into the camp of serious war-mongers and that really, really saddens me, though I still hope you might one day reconsider.
Now a few facts:
Churchill was most definitely not an person with lots of empathy for those he considered “inferior”. His attitude toward non-white people equaled those of Hitler. You can find many quotes from his own mouth to show you that. He was personally responsible for the death of  hundreds of thousands of Indians and Africans (at least, possibly millions) who were deliberately starved to death
He also put in place the British doctrine of carpet bombing civilians, deliberately burning hundreds of thousands of mainly women and children alive in their houses, on their streets and cooking and suffocating them even underground in their bomb shelters by making deliberate plans with his generals to create fire-storms on German cities, not to destroy military targets or factories for the war-industry but mostly women and children.
Can you imagine what it feels like to be burned alive?
Where is your compassion, Thougthy2 ?
Most of those fire-bombings were done after Germany was already defeated by the Soviet Union and the German air-force had no longer enough fuel to get off the ground or being able to even try to retaliate in kind. (In the first years of the war both sides bombed each other, causing many civilian deaths, but without total carpet-bombing warfare.)
You are British, I’m German, I thought we were both Europeans and were friends now, am I wrong?
For me to justify the Nazi Holocaust against the Jewish people during WWII would be morally really, really wrong.
But why is it so impossible for you British people to ever recognize your own war-crimes? Just because you won the war?
Would you even dare to check out, what horrific things your ancestors have done or can’t you handle the cognitive dissonance?
And still I think to do so would be so very, very necessary in order to prevent the next war, one that might end all wars for sure….
by just eliminating all of humanity.
Now about Putin:
When Putin came to power the Russian economy had been thoroughly looted by British and American “investors” and the Harvard gang of political advisers. Most of everything important had fallen into the hands of brutal Mafia bosses, called “the Oligarchs” on pennies to the pound, corrupt men who did not pay taxes and were about ready to sell out most of their ill-gotten loot to foreigners (American and British ones).
After Putin took over from the drunkard Jelzin he put an end to all this. He made a deal with those of the Oligarchs who were ready to mend their ways and pay taxes, then he threw those who weren’t ready to become decent human beings into jail for taxevation, while others escaped to London, where they busied themselves with anti-Russian Propaganda.
Litvinenko worked for one of those thugs, and it is rumored that it was his former employer who had him killed for trying to blackmail him and then the guy pinned it on Putin for a new propaganda point.
No war against homosexuals is going on in Russia or was instigated by Putin.
There are still lots of homosexual bars in Russia, homosexuality is not outlawed and violence against homosexuals is totally against Russian law. The only things homosexuals are not allowed to do by is law to teach homosexuality in school or propagate a homosexual life-style in Russian mass-media.
Crimea used to be part of Russia since 1783. Although by 1954 most of its population was Russian still Nikita Khrushchev gave Crimea to the Ukraine in that year. And since the Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union then, it really didn’t matter one way or the other. After the Soviet Union dissolved itself, Russia did not ask the Ukraine to give Crimea back as it should have done, instead it paid for the use of a Naval base there. For years the Crimean people had asked the Russian government time and again to be taken back into Russia. And it was only after the violent coup against the corrupt but democratically elected government of Ukraine -instigated by the United States and the EU-, that Russia took Crimea back, nut only after the Crimean Parliament and the Crimean people in a referendum with a vast, vast overwhelming majority voted for rejoining Russia.
For actual historians these facts are no longer controversial at all (We also know from uncontroversial evidence that the Ukrainian president ousted in the coup did not massacre his own people on the Maidan, since the sniper shots killing both demonstrators and policemen -with bullets coming from the same guns- came from buildings occupied by the some of the very same Neo-Nazis from the Maidan )
At the moment Putin and the Russian military are helping -in accordance to international law- the Syrian government against a bunch of terrorists which are armed and financed -against international law- not only by Turkey and the Gulf States, but also by America and Britain. They also -totally against international law- are bombing the country over and over again, killing Syrian soldiers and civilians more often than the stated ISIS targets
While the terrorists’ most important propaganda outfit, the White Helmets, is totally financed by the West -mostly by the British government-, the western main-stream media is eating up and regurgitating even the most ridiculous fake news from them.
Putin is supported by the Russian people because he brought the Russian economy back up again, made sure the workers were paid again and pensioners received pensions they weren’t starving from. He also is considered by his fellow Russians as a morally decent chap and non-corruptible. Even some Westerners who knew him before he became the Russian president had to concede that he always had been one of the few political officials who could not be bribed.
In my opinion the western media hatred against the Russian president is a preparation for a possible war with Russia or at least a new Cold War, a very, very dangerous game.
By taking part in it you, Thoughty2, are on the wrong side of history, on the wrong side of truth and on the wrong side of human decency. I hope and pray for you, that one day you will reconsider and use your very much existent talent
not for war- but for peace-mongering
with kind regards
Eve Human