All who are no Eggheads are Writers or Artists or Both

Of course we are.
Writing, making music, painting, drawing, sculpturing are attempts to communicate.
We are all communicators calling out:
Listen, listen, listen to what I have to say.”
But are we also listeners?
Sure, all day long.
We listen to those with the megaphone voices. We can’t help but listen to them. There is no way around them.
They tell us lies.
There is no truth in their words, no truth in their songs, no truth in their art.
They talk, they blare, they sound, they screech.
They do not have to listen, only we.
Though we call out, our voices are like whispers in a roaring storm of lies.
We barely hear ourselves, let alone those whisperers around us.
The whispers are growing louder and louder.
More and more they call out in unison:
“Listen, listen, listen……. a storm is coming!”
No longer a storm of lies deafening our ears.
This will be a different storm, a storm of knowledge, a storm of truth:
listen, listen, listen

(This post is about twitter and the people who post there. “Eggheads” are those who open an account -most often exclusively to follow a celebrity- without editing their egg-profile-image.)


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