A Flaw in the System

Do flaws in our monetary system consistently cause financial crises?
So far, critical questions concerning our monetary system and the financial crisis have been underexposed.
The film ‘A Flaw in the Monetary System?’ depicts in 7 ½ minutes consequences of interest and compound interest in the financial world in descriptive graphics. It illustrates the systematic redistribution of money from the majority to the wealthy.

A flaw in the monetary system? from MONNETA on Vimeo.


Most wars are resource wars based on False Flags

Dr. Daniele Ganser from the TED-talk above is a Swiss historian and a peace-researcher. He is also probably the most famous activist and public speaker from within the peace- and truth-movement in German speaking countries.
In the following video, an interview from April 2014, he discusses with journalist Tommy Hansen many False Flag Operations within the latest 100 years, mainly carried out by the US, the Empire of recent times.
Dr. Ganser points out that the one thing fueling wars and conflicts is resources, oil first and foremost.
The means by which the “powers that be” retain their domination over other countries, their populations, and the resources thereof, have been very similar to the ones used by Goebbels in the Nazi Reich:
Deceptions and military invasions.