I cry for Syria

Reading the mainstream media has become painful. There is barely a single headline dealing with the Syrian conflict to be found, which doesn’t somehow justify American air-strikes against this country. Assad gassed his own people and therefor in the implication America has a moral “right to protect” R2P.
It is sickening to see, how many media men are complicit with the war-mongers of Washington, London, Paris, Tel Aviv and Ryad.
It is somehow funny or maybe not funny it all that the same European media that condemns the conservative stance of the Catholic church on sexuality, will be in lock-step with the mercenaries send out by Saudi Arabia who are intent to transform Syria in country ruled by the most reactionary and misogynistic interpretation of Sharia law in the world.
It is against all logic, that Assad’s government who was on the verge of winning the civil war with conventional methods, on the verge of conquering bit by bit all former rebel dominated territories would even see the slightest need for the use of chemical weapons against its own civilian population.
Assad has said it before, not once, but over and over again, that he considers the use of chemical weapons on his own population to be immoral, and that he would never use them, never, ever.
But why should we believe him?
He is a crazy dictator,a war-criminal and a compulsive liar, who’d say anything, right?
When Assad came to power taking over after his father, even the CIA and the American government considered him as a potential populist who might democratize Syria. But it was exactly this, that was considered a problem. A democratic leader Syria was potentially less compliant. His populist government would be less fragile, less in need of foreign, speak American support, it might give in to popular demand supporting the Palestinians against Israel and demanding back the Golan heights.
And since 2007 the CIA via Saudi, Qatari and Turkish intelligence organizations was funding the opposition and arming a militia and eventually flooding the country with foreign mercenaries.
While Assad had at first a hard time to convince the old guard in his regime to agree to democratic changes, the pressure of the non-violent opposition and the civil war made it possible to re-write the Syrian constitution in democratic terms, allowing for government leadership by others than Assad’s Baath party. This constitution was brought before popular vote and the majority of Syrians voted, yes.
The failure of the western media to mention those facts consistently and to point out the illogical nature of American and Israeli claims that the Assad government was responsible for the gas attacks shows the undemocratic nature of our own political system and the utter immorality of those who consider themselves the opinion leaders of our countries, the mainline journalists and their editors.
The crazy war-criminals and the compulsive liars are on our side of the wall.


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